Napoli-Lazio, Inzaghi attacks the referee: “Massa’s big oversight”

Napoli-Lazio, Inzaghi attacca l'arbitro: "Grande svista di Massa"

Napoli-Lazio, Simone Inzaghi in the photo Ansa

NAPLES – Lazio lost to Napoli and was eliminated from the Italian Cup but Simone Inzaghi protested against the referee for the expulsion of Lucas Leiva who he said stems from a non-existent foul of the Brazilian. His statements to Rai are reported by Corriere dello Sport.

“Lucas was wrong about the expulsion, but the naivety belongs to the referee. A player from his experience did not have to react like this, the race director still had an oversight because my player takes the ball. It can happen to lose a game every 15, we are talking about a dominated game. Sorry to leave the Italian Cup, we care, but I can say little to the boys. Too bad for the goal taken at the beginning, but we had a great game. Football is this, I'm happy. "

“Fatigue was budgeted. We had to play a game to the max, the boys did it. Lulic and Correa have returned, we have spent energy in ten, as well as Napoli. A big derby awaits us on Sunday. We have been together for many years, the boys have knowledge, we have grown in many ways. We faced a strong team with great players.

We deserved more, we must also learn from these evenings, when the ball doesn't want to go in, when the episodes don't turn you in favor, when we could do more. It may happen that referees are wrong, as well as coaches.

Massa, however, had a great oversight. Leiva has lost his temper, he has never done so in the 3 years here with me ". “Correa was a happy note. Its recovery is important. He had an elongation in the calf, he did well, he has no problems, on Sunday he will give us a great hand for the derby ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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