Napoli-Juventus, Sergio Sylvestre forgets the Italian anthem: the gaffe at the Olimpico

ROME – The singer Sergio Sylvestre intones the national anthem of Italy at the Olimpico before the Napoli-Juventus game and then … he stops in excitement.

The gaffe was staged before the Napoli-Juventus Italian Cup final, which saw the Neapolitan club win the title in this troubled 2020.

The singer from Los Angeles and known to the public for participating in Amici di Maria De Filippi in 2016 was chosen to sing the Italian anthem.

Arriving on the empty stands of the Olympic stadium in Rome due to anti-coronavirus rules, Sylvestre had the honor of singing before the football game started.

But the emotion betrayed him and the singer stopped suddenly for a few moments.

A pause made particularly evident, and embarrassing, by the silence of the empty stadium.

Just a moment of weakness, with the singer who quickly recovered.

Sylvestre then completed Mameli's anthem and the game began.

The gaffe did not go unnoticed and the irony of the fans was promptly unleashed on social networks.

Napoli-Juve, virtual graphics instead of fans

To fill the stands of the empty stadium for anti-covid regulations, the Serie A League used virtual graphics to fill them.

Many users found the choice pleasant, while others criticized it on social networks.

Many wrote: "They make me seasick!".

And again: "Okay, technology, but when it's too much, it's enough."

Others write: “Shall we take that graphic off the stands please? My nervous system hits me. " (Source: Corriere dello Sport )

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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