Napoli-Juventus, Mancini in the crosshairs of social media: “But did you get the botulinum?”

ROME – At the interval of the final of the Coppa Italia Napoli-Juventus , Roberto Mancini was interviewed by Enrico Varriale for Rai.

The coach of the Italian National Football Team was the only spectator on the empty stands of the Olympic stadium in Rome as the Italian Cup final was behind closed doors.

But the users of social media did not dwell on his statements but on his physical appearance. According to the majority of them, Mancini would have made the botulinum to look younger ( here the photo) .

Here are some comments posted on social networks.

"But what did Roberto Mancini do to the mouth ?!", "But the coach pulled his face?", "But what did he do? Did he fall asleep under the lamp?".

“But did Mancio make a facelift? It doesn't have a wrinkle … ". "But who is this the son of the coach of the Italian National Football Team?".

"I must say that Mancini has exaggerated a bit with the botox …!"

Napoli-Juventus, Mancini: "The players will get in shape between 4 or 5 games".

While the social media people criticized his physical appearance, Mancini spoke about the match and the Italian national football team.

"Today I should have been here for the European Football Championship, I'm still here for this game.

Of course the climate is surreal without fans but you can't do otherwise. The game is not very good but it is normal because the teams have to get back in shape.

To see something better we should wait at least 4 or 5 games, now we are only at the beginning.

How are the players playing in the national team? I repeat, if we consider that they are only the first games after the stop, I must say that they are all doing very well.

It's just a matter of time, as soon as they get back in shape, we will see a completely different show. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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