Napoli-Barcelona, ​​screaming Champions shiver VIDEO

Napoli-Barcellona, urlo Champions da brividi VIDEO

Napoli-Barcelona, ​​screaming Champions scream (photo Ansa)

NAPLES – Show on the pitch and in the stands. In a packed San Paolo in every order of seats, Napoli fans performed before and during the Champions League game against Barcelona. At the time of the anthem of the top European club competition, the Champions scream was impressive as you can see in the video at the bottom of the article.

Napoli-Barcellona, ​​Giuntoli: “Messi? The only alien is Maradona ".

The declarations of the Napoli ds to Sky Sport's microphones are reported by Corriere dello Sport: “There was one extraterrestrial, Diego Maradona. Messi is the largest of the last period, Pelé should also be remembered. Napoli is concentrated, wants to follow up on an important Champions League and will play a high-level game. Rino gave consistency and balance, increasing the dribble during possession and applying lower aggression to give compactness.

When a team has ups and downs like we had them, the president doesn't take it well. The team has not found continuity, we hope in the end of the season to deny this data. Gattuso gave more balance and a more congenial form to many players.

The team took it very well. He behaved like a leader with clear lines and as he says those who follow him well, if not out. The results are being seen "(Sources Sky Sport and Il Corriere dello Sport, YouTube video from the channel).

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