Nani: “Cristiano Ronaldo learned a lot from me in his youth”

ORLANDO (UNITED STATES) – Nani is ending his career as a professional footballer in the United States with the shirt of Orlando City, a club where the Brazilian Kaka has also played in the past.

During an interview with the Major League Soccer magazine, or the top flight of American football, Nani made up his team of dreams.

In this line-up he included, among others, Cristiano Ronaldo, De Gea and Scholes, footballers whom he met at the time of Manchester United.

His statements on these three players are reported by

Cristiano Ronaldo with all these skills, fast feet, learned a lot from me in his youth. You know, you know.

David de Gea is on goal, an excellent player and one of the best in the world, but he has to wear glasses because without seeing anything.

Paul Scholes, ”he said. "Great ball control and great vision".

Nani surprised not so much for the technical appreciation of Cristiano Ronaldo, given that his qualities are there for all to see, but for having revealed that he had been his "teacher" in the time of Manchester United.

According to Nani, in fact, Cr7 would have learned a lot from him. Perhaps it refers to some of his tightrope dribbling, with a high coefficient of difficulty, which were also repeated by Cristiano Ronaldo at the time of United.

Over the years, Ronaldo has become more concrete. It is now an authentic goal machine and often plays as a center forward.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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