Nainggolan has deleted Instagram. Fans threaten wife Claudia and her daughters after “incriminated” audio

Nainggolan si cancella da Instagram dopo audio rubato, la moglie denuncia minacce alle sue figlie

Nainggolan cancels from Instagram after stolen audio, his wife reports threats to her daughters

MILAN – Nainggolan in the storm. On the net they turn of its audio wapp where external the will to leave the Inter to return to Rome with the help of Totti. "Mamma mia, they give me all to finish … But that's okay … I've always shown everything on the pitch and have always remained silent. But if in a while 'some Interist comes to lick the c ** o, I swear, I break the c ** o ", his words.

Then the audio stops and resumes: "Boh, as much as I am a friend of Totti, maybe he will push … But then I should make a mess here to bring them to go, understand?". Finally, the conclusion. "I'm doing a slaughterhouse here … I want to come back".

Nainggolan's reaction and his wife's Instagram post

After the suspension for having missed the training and the stolen audio scandal, Nainggolan decided to unsubscribe from Instagram and in the evening is expected an official position of Inter before the league match against Napoli.

Since Nainggolan is no longer active on social networks, Inter fans have decided to let off steam on the Instagram profile of his wife Claudia . Ms. Nainggolan publicly denounced threats and insults against him and their daughters.

"Let me say one thing, considering all the insults and threats that come to my profile. I am Claudia and everything you write to me I read it and nobody else. As for the threats to me and my daughters it's really disgusting. I wish you a Merry Christmas anyway ".

The Nainggolan article has deleted Instagram. Fans threaten his wife Claudia and his daughters after the "incriminated" sound seems to be the first on Blitz daily .

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