Milan football match, Higuain: “Ibrahimovic? I dream of playing with him … “

Calciomercato Milan, Higuain: "Ibrahimovic? Sogno di giocare con lui..."

Milan football match, Higuain: "Ibrahimovic? I dream of playing with him … "

MILAN – Nothing can ever be taken for granted. Gennaro Gattuso has learned it, thanks to the experience gained in a "difficult" year as a Milan coach. So, probably mindful of the debut-insult against Benevento, passed to history with the goal of Brignoli, the goalkeeper, the coach wants to avoid "a fool" against the Dudelange.

"On paper we are clearly stronger but we must underestimate the opponent and remember the effort made in the first leg. Or tomorrow we win or we are in the middle of the road ", the pragmatic annotation that comes to him spontaneously in the conference, observing the classification and calendar of group F of Europa League. Gattuso, who closes the controversy with the Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini ("We have clarified, I have my problems and he's his"), for the first time after the expulsion remedied with Juventus finds Gonzalo Higuain, already decisive in Luxembourg. "Now must be an example", the reference to the responsibility of Gattuso. "With Juventus I was wrong and I apologized, I want to show Milan that it was good to bet on me", the answer full of good intentions of Higuain, among the first to enter the field in the finishing. Between the two the feeling is palpable: they look for themselves while they are sitting side by side and in unison they deny a possible departure of the Argentine ("I never asked to leave, clearer than that").

Gattuso exalts his leadership skills, asking him at the same time to appease certain complaints: "He is very very important for us on a technical level but also on a human and behavioral level. It must be impeccable. He gave us a huge hand to date. Then there is that a man wrong, the important thing is to apologize and start again with enthusiasm and desire. He has a talent: he knows he is a strong player but he is not presumptuous, he lives the dressing room having fun, he succeeds in making a group and the others listen to him. But when the line is not straight and he sees it crooked it starts to get nervous, when it starts to be controversial and the team breathes all this. I talked to him, he does not want to leave. He complains because I'm too much on him, but if I do not, he asks me to shout even more. He is a player who we hold tight ".

Higuain dreams of playing with Ibrahimovic

Higuain does not want to be called "the star" of Milan and does not hide the desire to play with Ibrahimovic: "It's a great and it's always good to have players with this mentality but it depends on the company. I am here to help the club achieve its goals, with Gattuso I have an honest relationship and understands me better than others. I did not expect a more competitive Milan, only luckier ". With a note: "We have lost a few points too much, we must learn not to break down and be more focused".

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