Mike Tyson: “Trump? Bring the US in the right direction “

Mike Tyson: "Trump? Take the US in the right direction" (photo Ansa)

Mike Tyson: "Trump? Bring the USA in the right direction "(photo Ansa)

ROME – Stefano Arcobelli of the "Gazzetta dello Sport" interviewed Mike Tyson.

How to get up from a KO? " You have to focus on pride. You believe it, you want it, you think God guides you, you have to prove to yourself that you are the best. Try again. It depends on how you feel. I think he is hurt and has nothing to lose. Now it becomes even more dangerous. "

After decades there is no real heir to Tyson: who will be? " I don't know. Now there are more boxers and more possibilities than in 1986, there are more TVs, there is the Internet that allows us to fight each other, I against Ali. This is the future ".

Who would win between Ali and Tyson?

"Today, with holograms, we could find out. Today's technology allows us to take advantage of our experiences to improve and become the best. Match the images and experiences. Only technology can tell who was the best ever. There are people who still make money on this. Even if you die, they can speculate about your career ".

Is Mike forever the worst man in the world?

"I remain the one who comes from an infamous neighborhood. Being born thus marks you. I have known hunger, crime, drugs, and all this has accumulated inside me. I was wondering: Mike, do you want to die there or beat yourself to leave that place? I have always fought with determination to leave that place and not die there. Surviving a bad neighborhood strengthens you. I have known the homeless, hunger, crime and drugs. But I wondered inside of me: what do you want to do with your life, Mike? Do you want to die in there or do you want to escape from that hell? Everyone, since I was young, they saw who I was: an ugly dirty and insecure criminal, but I rebelled ".

Who is Tyson today? "I don't think people are not born to be humble but are meant to be humiliated. We are arrogant and cannot help each other. This is how it is born. As time goes by it evolves, in 20 years it will be a different world. People will practice sports differently, they will eat different foods, they will be more aware. A better human species can be born in 20-30 years ".

It is not Tyson if it does not make people argue: it is launched in the cannabis business …

"I'm in this business but I've never touched real floral cannabis. For therapeutic purposes, I want to help those who suffer and have no access to medical care. I decided to open a ranch in California because the Cbd (cannabidiol, ed) is the future. The CBD is in everything, it is in coffee, it will be in our food, in food for dogs, and it will make us better people. It's almost like guacamole. They sell it everywhere: it's a gold rush almost like oil ".

Will he still support Donald Trump?

"Maybe the president doesn't have the right photo, but he's heading America in the right direction. You might not like watching it, but when it's done, we'll love the place we'll meet. It will be difficult to beat him, also because he is so overwhelming and globalized … He is not a politician, he is more than a braggart ".

Among his 7 children, is there anyone who is a boxer?

"I would never allow my children to box. It is dangerous, often the one who has to give a meal to their family or has nothing else to do ”.

His epic began with 19 matches won by knockout in the 1st round. What remains of that Tyson?

"When I won, I thought," I can do my best. " As life goes on, but you start to lose. The people you love, the hair, sometimes the desire to live: it's not about winning as much as possible. In the end you will always lose. "

Source: La Gazzetta dello Sport.

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