Mike Tyson: “My tiger snatched a woman’s arm. That’s how much I paid for his silence “

ROME – Incredible background told by former boxer Mike Tyson during an interview with rapper Fat Joe.

“Did my tiger tear off a woman's arm? It did not run away from home, it did not happen. Someone climbed over the fence where the tiger was and started playing with it.

The tiger didn't know the girl, it was a bad accident. But it was she who jumped into the property where the tiger was …

when I saw that it happened I still gave her 250 thousand dollars, whatever it was … you can't believe what they can do with human flesh, I had no idea.

I was crazy then, there is no way to tame certain animals 100%, it will never happen. They kill you by chance, they don't even want to do it, it happens by chance. They are too strong, especially when you play hard with them.

The idea of ​​having one? I was in prison talking to a friend from whom I bought a car. The father had tigers and lions, a couple of months later I went home and gave me a puppy … ".

Mike Tyson used children's urine to pass doping tests.

He has done many, in the ring and outside, but Mike Tyson continues to be talked about even after 15 years since his retirement.

The 53-year-old former boxer and one of the greatest hitting players in boxing history, in fact, told an interview with Espn that he used his children's urine to pass doping tests.

"I also wanted to use my wife's but then she said 'be careful that it turns out you're pregnant …", said Iron Mike smiling.

"Then I thought of using that of my children, using a fake penis, although it was at all times accompanied by a medical staff:

"Most men, even gays – Tyson said – always feel uncomfortable when you show them the penis, so when I showed them mine, they turned around and I pulled it out with my hand," he recalls Mike Tyson smiling (source Ansa).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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