Messi returns to Barcelona on Monday but relaunches from Brazil: “He called Neymar to bring him to City”

Messi is expected in Barcelona on Monday but in the meantime from Brazil they are sure: "He is calling Neymar to convince him to follow him to City".

Messi remains the hottest name on the transfer market. It could not be otherwise given that we are talking about one of the strongest players in the history of football.

According to reports from Tyc Sports, the Argentine is expected to return to Barcelona next Monday.

The Argentine would still be willing to leave Barcelona but at the same time he would like to do it in the most professional way possible so as not to go to the wrong side.

Also because the Argentine would have done everything in his possession, or would have communicated his intention to change the air. Now the game will have to be played by his agents and the management of Barcelona.

The news just reported by Espn Brazil is in line with these considerations. According to the broadcaster, Messi would already reason as a Manchester City player.

Indeed he would do much more because according to Espn, Messi is calling Neymar insistently to convince him to move to Manchester City with him.

The reality is that the Argentine loves Neymar. In fact, Barcelona won the last Champions League with the trident of wonders made up of Messi, Neymar and Suarez.

After Neymar's departure, several strikers took turns at Barcelona but none of them liked the Argentine (sources Espn Brazil and Tyc Sports).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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