Maurizio Sarri: “Did I betray Naples? In private footballers write to me more “

Maurizio Sarri: "I betrayed Naples? In private they write me more" (photo Ansa)

Maurizio Sarri: "Did I betray Naples? In private they write to me "(photo Ansa)

ROME – Maurizio Sarri going to coach Juventus betrayed Napoli or not? He at the press conference to those who accused him of treason decided to respond as follows: "I gave 110%. Against Juventus it was a sporting adversity. The offer of Juve, the most important company in Italy, is the culmination of a very long career, which in 80% of the way was very difficult. I respected everyone, even my professionalism and my path ".

"As a child – he says – I was a fan of Naples and there I gave everything, from a professional and moral point of view. In the last month I had doubts, that the company took me off by introducing Ancelotti. It was not the fault of the company, but mine, because the doubt between continuing or leaving was strong. I preferred to go abroad, so as not to switch immediately to another Italian. I think I respected everyone. "

But his former players also spoke of betrayal: "The player who lives in an environment makes statements to live in that environment – replied Maurizio Sarri – personal messages are something else".

Source: La Gazzetta dello Sport.

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