Marcelo-Juventus, the price of the player and the bianconera offer with or without Alex Sandro

Marcelo-Juventus, il prezzo del calciatore e l'offerta bianconera con o senza Alex Sandro

Marcelo-Juventus, the first photomontages shoot on social networks (photo Instagram)

TURIN – Everyone knows by now, Juventus wants Marcelo and the Brazilian wants bianconeri. Now we need to convince Real Madrid . Marcelo has a rescission clause of two hundred million euros. Juventus is not willing to pay it and puts an offer of fifty million euros on the scales. Real Madrid asks for seventy. Juventus could shorten the distance with the Spanish club by putting another Brazilian full-back Alex Sandro on the scales.

Marcelo-Juventus, Real Madrid wants to replace him with Tagliafico

Real Madrid, on the other hand, only wants cash because it has already identified the substitute for Marcelo, it is the Argentine National team of Ajax Tagliafico who impressed the blancos in the direct Champions League clash between the Dutch and the Spanish clubs. The parties are not far and Juventus could approach the request for seventy million euro to quickly close this transfer market deal. Marcelo chose Juventus on the advice of Cristiano Ronaldo. The Brazilian national wants to reach the Portuguese champion in Turin because he is convinced he can continue to win in Italy.

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