Maradona advises Messi: “Go to Naples even if you will never do what I did”

Maradona consiglia Messi: "Vai al Napoli anche se non farai mai quello che ho fatto io"

Maradona advises Messi: "Go to Naples even if you will never do what I did" (photo Ansa)

NAPLES – Maradona has returned to talk about Messi's Napoli a few hours after the end of the Champions League game played at the San Paolo stadium. Naples and Barcelona drew one by one, Griezmann replied to Mertens. Messi played very badly and was practically canceled by the Napoli defenders.

Maradona's statements on Messi and Napoli are reported by Corriere dello Sport: “I would have liked to have tackled Messi, even if he arrives at the San Paolo when the San Paolo is in decline. Messi has not lived what I have lived, this is my advantage over Leo, but he can safely play in Naples. He wouldn't be able to do the things I did, but I wish the Neapolitans had a Messi ".

Gattuso: "Maradona was the strongest footballer of all time".

Of Maradona and Messi, Rino Gattuso spoke at the press conference on the sidelines of the Champions League match between Napoli and Barcelona. His declarations are reported by the Ansa.

“Unfortunately I didn't meet Maradona in my football career and I only saw him at work on video tapes or DVDs. But I know he was the best footballer of all time. To Messi, whom we challenged as an opponent, I see a few things done today at Maradona.

He is definitely the strongest of the active players. I'm sorry – concludes Gattuso – that I have never seen Maradona play live. I am aware that I missed something wonderful ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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