Lotito asks for damages to the ultrà Lazio of racist choirs and Roman greetings: “They make 50 thousand euros”

Lotito chiede i danni agli ultrà laziali dei cori razzisti e dei saluti romani: "Fanno 50mila euro

Fascist symbols exhibited by Lazio fans (Ansa)

ROME – Lazio president Claudio Lotito, with an unprecedented initiative, sues his blue-white fans. That is, he asked for damages to the ultrà responsible for the racist choirs and the Roman greetings on the occasion of the Europa League match against Rennes .

In fact, the letters addressed to the indicted fans (i.e. reported for the facts in question) that followed what had hitherto been considered a difficult threat to pursue have started. The circumstance in the world of football is unheard of. Although the president of Lazio should be credited with being among the very few, if not the only, not to bow to the blackmail of the fans.

Lotito asks for 50 thousand euros, which is the damage caused according to the company. "From the films made by the UEFA bodies and the consequent police investigations, it emerged that you took responsibility for the sanctioned conduct that caused damage quantifiable in 50 thousand euros (the figure takes into account the fine of 20 thousand euros from UEFA, the failure to collect for disqualification in the following match against Celtic and damage to the image, ed). We therefore invite you to contact the company to agree on a method of compensation ".

That Lazio can really get the money requested will depend on the outcome of the civil case. If the fan reached by the request proves to be nullatenente, for example, he will not drive out a euro.

Otherwise – and net of the speed of the judicial process – the move is likely to become a precedent of enormous impact in the relationship between clubs and fans. Touched in the portfolio, even the ultra irreducible to the modalities of behavior in line with political correctness will think twice before insulting a black footballer or raising hateful political symbols. (source Gazzetta dello Sport)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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