Lino Banfi: “Dybala’s dribbles are like those of Aristoteles”

ROME – For a few hours, Lino Banfi again dressed as the "famous" coach Oronzo Canà to talk about football.

Banfi allegedly identified Paulo Dybala as the new Aristoteles (mythical center forward of his film "The coach in the ball").

Here are the statements made by the actor to Corriere dello Sport's microphones.

“Paulo Dybala is like Aristoteles! At times his dribbling looks like Ari's. And then he also seems to me a good "raghèzzo" like him.

The next shots of the transfer market of my Lombard? Nicolò Zaniolo drives me crazy. And then I would like Momo Salah, it was a pleasure to see him play. These two heads of the "bi-zone" would be enough for me.

A thought on Juventus Cr7? I would only like the Adam's apple of Cristiano Ronaldo. It is three times that of others. Then he is really strong, even if in the second half it was a bit subdued. It is not conceivable for someone like him to miss a penalty, as it would not be for Oronzo Canà to win a game. The only doubt would perhaps be about nutrition.

They say you always eat healthy, stuff like chicken breasts, even a little unseasoned. I understand that for players the portions must be reduced, but you have a lot of money, at least eat them good. What do I know, three ounces of lobster. For example, I always loved Clarence Seedorf, because he confessed to me his passion for hairy mussels: he even ordered them from Trani.

Thiago Motta and 2-7-2? I can only say that it made me proud. And it led me to create a variant, 2-7-3. It would be enough to lift a player off the bench and bring him closer to the lateral line.

A coach whom I respect in this Serie A? I have always esteemed Mihajlovic, both as a player and as a coach. I like his look, his way of being on the bench. And then he doesn't even start whistling like Trapattoni, another I've taught so much. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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