Libertadores, final River-Bocca abroad: the city of Genoa offers itself

Libertadores, finale River-Bocca all'estero: la città di Genova si offre

Libertadores, final River-Bocca abroad: the city of Genoa offers EPA / Juan Ignacio Roncoroni

BUENOS AIRES (ARGENTINA) – The outline of the final return of the Libertadores Cup between River Plate and Boca Juniors is now overwhelming , after the serious accidents on Saturday and the postponement of the match decided by the president of Conmebol, Alejandro Dominguez . Today in Asuncion, in Paraguay, Dominguez himself held a key meeting with the presidents of River and Boca, Rodolfo D'Onofrio and Daniel Angelici, and at the end a statement was released that reveals the impossibility to the state of things of make a shared and definitive decision.

"Because of the violence in Buenos Aires – reads the document – it is prudent that the final match is not played in Argentina". And so, it adds, Conmebol arranges that the return match "will be played between 8 and 9 December at a time and place that will be decided in the shortest possible time".

This impotence in offering a new definitive scenario for the return of the final between the two Argentine arcirival clubs is due to the fact that Boca has submitted to the disciplinary commission of Conmebol an appeal aimed at obtaining a table victory after the attack on the coach of the Gialloblù club at the Monumental stadium of the River Plate. Conversing in the Paraguayan capital with journalists, the president 'xeneize' Angelici has shown determination, emphasizing that we are aiming to "obtain justice" and to use, in case of an adverse decision of the Committee, the instrument of a double appeal (Conmebol and Tas).

Needless to say, a hypothesis of this kind would complicate the possibility of playing the final before the Fifa Club World Cup event in Abu Dhabi between 12 and 22 December. Experts very close to the Disciplinary Committee believe however that the Disciplinary Committee, which should make its decision known at most by Thursday, will reject Boca's request by setting a fine for River, with the prohibition for the red and white to play the final in Monumental .

In his defensive memory, the River claimed that the attack on the bus of the Gialloblù "happened one kilometer from the stadium" and "was the result of 'holes' in the security mechanism of the government of the city of Buenos Aires". If the super-final should really play, the locations that could be taken into consideration are Miami, Abu Dhabi and Asuncion. The latter due to its proximity to Buenos Aires.

Genoa offers itself, here is the letter sent to the two clubs by the City

Dear Presidents,
our city, close in a historical, cultural and sporting way in Buenos Aires, feels deep and indissoluble links with your two prestigious Clubs founded by our countrymen emigrated from Italy to Argentina in the early twentieth century, and today twinned with our two teams Genoa and Sampdoria.

The painful events that have recently struck us have awakened a profound sense of community and of the rediscovery of our roots; therefore, as Chief Executive Officer of the Municipality of Genoa, I am pleased to inform you that our city is honored and is available to host this important and prestigious Garadi Cup Final and derby of the Argentina Capital.

Thankful for your attention I remain available for all your needs.

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