Leonardo Semplici: “Fares? You could go to Inter or Atalanta “

Leonardo Semplici

Leonardo Semplici (photo Ansa)

ROME – Spal coach Leonardo Semplici, interviewed by Gazzetta dello Sport, also talked about the market: “Lazzari? I'm waiting for him on the national team. And our other outsider, Fares, could go to Inter or Atalanta. I hope at least to get Bonifazi back, one that in two or three years will fight to win the scudetto ”.

The Spal coach then talked about his future: " There will be a time when I will have to say goodbye to my second home and go and measure myself elsewhere. I often think of Maurizio Sarri's career path . Before arriving in Empoli he was confined to a low-profile kick. But he was not discouraged. He waited for the right opportunity and seized it. I am ready for the qualitative leap. I have conquered it winning in all the categories and with the results obtained in these years at Spal ".

Chapter Petagna.

"He had scored 4 goals at Atalanta. I changed his mind and movements. I convinced him of his potential. He arrived at 16. And in this league he can still do better, even more goals. We are looking for other Petagna. Spal chose this summer to change skin. To close the relationship with fundamental elements for the conquest of A. I do not say that we are zero year but almost. We are looking for men who have the same desire as Petagna to get back in the game ".

Source: La Gazzetta dello Sport.

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