Leonardo furioso with referee: “Juventus-Milan decided, unacceptable errors”

Leonardo furioso con arbitro: "Ha deciso Juventus-Milan, errori inaccettabili"

Leonardo furioso with referee: "Juventus-Milan decided, unacceptable errors" (Photo ANSA / AP Photo / Antonio Calanni, file)

TURIN – At the Sky Sport microphones, after the Turin game, Milan's General Manager Leonardo expressed his anger over Fabbri's refereeing in Juventus- Milan. According to Leonardo, the big match between Juventus and Milan was decided by the referee. Those are the heavy words of the Milan manager.

Leonardo: "Juventus-Milan decided by referee errors".

On the penalty demanded by Milan, after seeing the images.

"It seems pretty clear to me. Go away with zero points, after all the episodes of the game that, sincerely, was also conditioned by a general behavior, in my opinion. So, I'm very sorry, but you have to pay compliments, true, because when they play like this and go home with zero points, for very clear, very clear referee errors, I'm very sorry ”.

Conditioning for general situations, in what sense?

"I think the referee's behavior was a bit inadequate, I think the dialogues with our players weren't, let's say, up to par. This has perhaps caused some irritation. Calhanoglu's admonition for me is incomprehensible. It may also be that our players have gone to talk, but I also think that a referee has to handle these things and be the one who calms down and not the one that increases the tension a little. In general, it has affected enough. I don't want controversy, I don't want situations that go beyond football, but they are very displeasing situations ”.

On the relationship with Gattuso.

"I have an opinion and that is what the field and the show have to go out more, I don't think a manager should talk too much. Coaches and players, they are the ones who have to talk, we speak little in general. However, it is true that this has happened, we have also spoken about it among ourselves. What Gattuso said, is also a consequence of our dialogues, of our work together, which is very clear, very clear, always, We have known each other for twenty years, Gattuso knows everything that happens, therefore, there are no things to to discover, to wait or to see. We also had the possibility of not continuing with him, it was a choice made by this direction, to go ahead with him, as he has been until today. There has never been a time when we thought about changing, there has never been a coach contacted to replace it. There have always been direct dialogues, very clear and he knows it. So it is and there is no other story ".

Were you close to taking Kean in January?

"In January you can also talk to 90 players and in the end you take two. Now it has exploded and is going far from our possibilities. Two months ago, three months ago, it was a great promise, today it is almost a reality and it is a player of whom we have spoken ”.
source: Sky Sports.

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