Lazio-Inter, furious Nerazzurri fans on social networks: “Milinkovic was expelled, then decided the game”

Lazio-Inter, tifosi nerazzurri furiosi sui social: "Milinkovic andava espulso, poi ha deciso la partita"

Lazio-Inter, Nerazzurri fans are furious: "Milinkovic, who then scored the winning goal, was expelled for having trampled on Barella" (freeze Sky Sky)

ROME – At the stadium the twinning between the two fans with choreography and banners was underlined but on the social media the Inter fans did not spare fierce criticism from the referee. According to the Nerazzurri supporters, Lazio would have been helped by Rocchi because Sergej Milinkovic Savic , who then scored the winning goal, was sent off for an entry with a hammer foot on Nicolò Barella. Fortunately, the former Cagliari player, after a few minutes on the ground, managed to get up and finish the game regularly.

Lazio-Inter, protests from Nerazzurri fans: "He scored the player who had to be sent off previously".

Here is the summary of the protests on social media of Inter fans: “Milinkovic's foul on Barella is very bad. The Serbian midfielder was to be sent off without a doubt. In all this, what did the referee do? Not only did he not expel him, he didn't even warn him! This is sensational.

Guess who decided the game? The footballer who shouldn't have been, Milinkovic. If the Serbian had been sent off, he could not have scored the winning goal. But this year Lazio are welcomed by the referees as they have received ten penalties! "

While on the penalty suffered, the Inter fans did not attack the referee but the defenders of their team: “Skriniar is more wrong than de Vrij. Padelli is also very ill, we hope that Samir Handanovic will be able to return as soon as possible … ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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