Lazio. Goodbye to the Irreducible, the historic ultras group falls apart

Lazio. Goodbye to the Irreducible, the historic ultras group falls apart. In the Ansa archive photo, a banner of greeting to the "enemy" Francesco Totti

ROME – The Irriducibili, the historic ultras group of Lazio, after 33 years decided to dissolve. The motivations are written in a statement released in these hours: “As with all things in life, there is a beginning and, inevitably, an end. There is a time for everything. Even on those fantastic, glorious stories, sooner or later, the curtain falls. The important thing is to have lived these stories. As protagonists, as lions, even dangerously. Without regrets, without remorse. So, ad maiora Irriducibili! ”.

The Irriducibili continue: "That's right, after thirty-three years we decided to dissolve the group that wrote important pages of history, glorious, that simply revolutionized the ultras panorama, not only Italian, but also international".

The Irriducibili thus remember their birth: “Exciting , difficult moments , happy and sad days. Moments that made us feel alive in a world of death. It all started that now distant 18 October 1987, when, in a quiet Lazio-Padova, the banner Irriducibili appeared on the steps of the Olympic Stadium. 10 meters of fabric, white writing, blue background. A name that will soon become our symbol. Our gauntlet to the whole world ".

What will happen now? The Irriducibil explain that “the north curve will unite behind a single banner that with the name of Ultras Lazio . It is a lot in our style, after all, where we all run away, we go back to our origins identifying ourselves as Ultras Lazio ".

The press release goes on to quote without any problems the clashes with the other fans: “The procession of San Benedetto del Tronto is still alive in everyone's minds. The transfers of Bergamo, Brescia, Naples and Catanzaro among all, the championship won in via Allegri, the clashes with the other fans, the rivalries. Charitable initiatives and solidarity ".

One of the historical leaders of the ultras group, Fabrizio Piscitelli in art Diabolik, was killed last August in the park of the Aqueducts in Rome. The Irriducibili are keen to specify that "his death has nothing to do" with the decision to dissolve the group. The current head of the Irriducibili Franco Costantino, known in the circles of Lazio fans as Franchino, said the Messenger: "A painful decision – he says – but no, the death of Fabrizio (Piscitelli ed.) Has nothing to do".

Source: AdnKronos, Il Messaggero

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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