Lazio-Fiorentina, the purple club is furious with the referee: “Penalty doubt and Bastos was expelled”

ROME – Although LazioFiorentina has been over for several hours, the protests of the purple card holders for the arbitration of Fabbri do not subside .

The DS Pradè did not use mincing words. According to him, the referee made Fiorentina lose. The declarations of the purple sports director are reported by

“The episodes determined the progress of the game. There was the expulsion of Bastos in the first half, the penalty is very doubtful and finally there was a penalty on Ribery. Bastos is net expulsion. The penalty then …

Caicedo is already falling, he goes to look for contact. He was smart, but I don't think there was a penalty. At least the episodes could be reviewed at Var. Dragowski angry? We all are. It's a shame because the episodes determined the whole race and made us lose the game ".

Fiorentina coach Beppe Iachini also got angry with the referee. His statements are also reported in the Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Caicedo did well on the penalty kick to seek the goalkeeper's intervention, the ball went out and Dragowski did not go on the attacker. It was an important episode of the game. "

The last to pronounce against the referee, and in particular against the use that is made of the var, was the patron viola Commisso. His statements are reported by the Corriere dello Sport.

"Seeing the images and hearing and reading the international comments of the televisions, sites and social media with many criticisms related to the referee's management of the match, I wonder why after more examples that have covered not only Fiorentina but also many others teams, a more significant and above all useful use of technology and VAR specifically has not yet been decided.

As I pointed out several months ago, I continue to think that the teams must be given the opportunity to call the referees to use the VAR , with rules to be defined, so as to allow everyone to have no doubts and to be sure that everything was judged in the best possible way.

On this issue I will continue to be the first person who will fight for the respect of Fiorentina and the Viola People and for Italian football in general ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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