Kulusevski’s show is not enough for Parma, Atalanta completes the comeback with a magic from Gomez

Atalanta won in comeback in Parma but everyone was amazed by the show of the new signing of Juventus Kulusevski .

Kulusevski played an out of the ordinary performance. The Swedish baby phenomenon took Parma ahead in the 43rd minute and showed incredible plays from a technical point of view (tunnel with the heel, stop on the fly with the back and drunken dribbling).

Despite the show of his ex with a poisoned tooth, Atalanta still managed to win in Parma thanks to goals scored by Malinovskyi and Papu Gomez.

Kulusevski had a great desire to prove his worth because Gasperini, before the match, had declared that the Swede would not have a starting shirt in his Atalanta.

We have already said everything about Kulusevski but now we have to sing the praises of Atalanta. Today was not a day of glory for the Goddess from the point of view of the game so her jewels took the chair.

In fact, the goals scored by Malinovskyi and Papu Gomez are from the football film library. The Ukrainian footballer scored directly from a free-kick with a left-footed stone that literally broke through the Parma barrier.

The Papu, on the other hand, started from midfield, overcame Kurtic with a tunnel and beat the Parma goalkeeper with a big left from the edge of the opponents' penalty area.

Thanks to this success, Atalanta returned to second place by moving away from fourth place while Parma, which had nothing more to ask from this championship, remained in the middle of the table.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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