Kolarov turns on the transfer market, he likes both Juventus and Inter

Kolarov Calciomercato Juventus Inter

Kolarov in action during a Champions League match in Rome (photo Ansa)

ROME – Kolarov turns on the transfer market but Roma has no intention of selling it. At the end of last season, he seemed to be among the starters in the summer but the arrival of Paulo Fonseca changed the cards on the table. The Portuguese coach considers it unreliable due to its technical and behavioral qualities. Despite this, Juventus and Inter are seriously considering taking it. The Serbian left-back is also very popular with Fenerbahce, which would guarantee him a salary of almost four million euros net per season.

Kolarov, that's why the Nerazzurri like it.

Inter would like Kolarov to give him the keys to the left wing. Antonio Conte likes it because he is an outsider. He is very good in the offensive phase, so much so that he almost became the top scorer of Roma in the past season but he knows how to play even on defense because he was born as a left-back.

Antonio Conte would prefer it to both Ivan Perisic, rejected a few days ago, and to Dalbert. At the moment it is only in an interest because the Nerazzurri have not yet submitted an offer to Rome. The team coached by Antonio Conte wants to close the deal for Edin Dzeko first and then launch the attack on Roma's left-back.

That's why it pleases the Bianconeri.

As mentioned above, the Serbian national team's left-back is also very popular with Juventus. Also in this case, the bianconeri must first work on the way out and then they can present a proposal to Rome.

Juve is looking for buyers for Alex Sandro, a footballer who does not convince himself to the full especially for the limits he showed last season on defense. Sarri, however, intends to give him an opportunity before selling it. In short, the former Napoli coach first wants to see him at work in training before making a final decision on the Brazilian soccer player.

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