Kobe Bryant, Lazio and Lecce remembered him this way

Kobe Bryant, Lazio e Lecce lo hanno ricordato così

Lazio remembered Kobe Bryant before the match against Spal by projecting a photo of him on the big screens of the Olimpico (photo Ansa)

ROME – After AC Milan's initiatives and Joao Pedro's exultation during the Serie A advance between Cagliari and Parma, Lazio and Lecce also wanted to remember Kobe Bryant with truly touching initiatives. Lazio projected a photo of the ex-champion of the Los Angeles Lakers on the maxi screens of the Olympic Stadium in Rome, while Lecce instead brought the mascots on the pitch with a yellow and red shirt with Kobe Bryant written on it.

Kobe Bryant, from Milan to Lecce: how many tributes for the ex-champion of the Lakers.

The world of football was deeply affected by the sudden disappearance of Kobe Bryant, and his daughter Gianna Maria, following a tragic helicopter accident. So many players and clubs wanted to remember him with truly significant initiatives.

The first was AC Milan, a club of which Bryant was a big fan. Before the Italian Cup match then won against Turin in extra time, AC Milan put on a red and black shirt with Kobe Bryant written on it, then projected images on the maxi screens of San Siro to pay homage to the former champion of the USA national basketball team. The Rossoneri fans started spontaneous applause at minute 24, Bryant's shirt number when playing in the NBA.

Then it was the turn of Joao Pedro. The Cagliari center forward, after scoring his 14th goal of the season at Parma, exulted by mimicking the gesture of the basket and reproducing the number 24 with his hands.

Today, it has fallen to Lazio and Lecce. The Biancocelesti, before the match then won five to one against Spal, projected a photo of Bryant on the maxi screens of the Olympic Stadium. Lecce has distinguished itself from other clubs by having its mascots wear club shirts with Kobe Bryant written on them.

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