Juventus, Will you hang in the balance? Repubblica: “Agnelli thinks about the return of Allegri”

Juventus, Sarri in bilico? Repubblica: "Agnelli pensa al ritorno di Allegri"

Juventus, Will you hang in the balance? Repubblica: "Agnelli thinks about Allegri's return" (photo ANSA)

ROME – Juve's last two away defeats have started to make sensational rumors meander about the imminent future of the bench. As reported by La Repubblica , Andrea Agnelli could also decide to call Massimiliano Allegri on the bench. The Juventus president is linked to the Livorno coach by a great friendship, and his return would be the first option in case the situation should actually precipitate: Allegri is in fact still under contract with the Old Lady until 30 June 2020.

A reconstruction that is however rejected by the indiscretions taken up by Tuttosport, according to which there would still be unity of purpose between the management and Maurizio Sarri. Furthermore, there have been no cracks in the locker room so far, still compact with the coach despite the difficulties in acknowledging the coach's tactical dictates, highlighted during the matches.

The former Juventus coach is still under contract with the Turinese, and the president, linked to Allegri also as a great friend, would be thinking of his return to the bench, but only if the situation, in terms of dressing room and results, should actually precipitate . (source THE REPUBLIC)

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