Juventus Under 23-Ternana: date, time and live TV of the Serie C Italian Cup final

ROME – The final of the Italian Serie C Cup between Juventus Under 23 and Ternana has been definitively set for next Saturday, June 27, starting at 20.45 and live TV on RaiSport .

The Lega Pro said, stating that the match will be played at the Orogel Stadium Dino Manuzzi in Cesena.

In case of a tie at 90 ', it is explained in a note, two extra periods will be played .

If the result is still a tie , penalty kicks will be taken .

Italian Serie C Cup, everything you need to know about the competition that reached the final with Juventus Under 23-Ternana.

The Coppa Italia Serie C (founded as the Coppa Italia Semiprofessionisti ) is an Italian football competition held under the jurisdiction of the FIGC.

Third national professional cup by prestige (after the Italian Cup and the Super Cup), it is organized annually by the Italian Professional Football League.

From 2008 to 2017 it took the name of Coppa Italia Lega Pro .

The first edition of the tournament took place in 1972, and has never experienced any interruptions since then.

The cup victory, in addition to the sports title, from 2017 also allows access to the play-offs for promotion to Serie B.

Since 2017, with the simultaneous change of denomination of the Lega Pro championship in Serie C, the category cup also returns to the historic denomination of Coppa Italia Serie C (sources Ansa and Wikipedia ).

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