Juventus transfer market, from the Bellerin-Rugani exchange to pressing on Lacazette and Jimenez

The Juventus transfer market lights up according to the indications of the new coach Pirlo. In the sights Bellerin (exchange with Rugani ), Lacazette and Jimenez.

A few weeks after the appointment of the new coach Andrea Pirlo, the Juventus transfer market is going live according to his indications.

Pirlo wants to build a team in his image and likeness, made up of all players of great technical quality.

In the last few hours, the Juventus transfer men have started negotiations with two Premier League clubs, Arsenal and Wolves.

At Arsenal, as is now known, both Bellerin and Lacazette are of interest. The Spanish full-back would come as part of a transfer market exchange with Rugani.

This transfer market operation would be convenient for both clubs because they would generate really important capital gains.

We assume that it would be an equal exchange given that both players are valued at 25 million euros.

Bellerin arrived at Arsenal in exchange for just five hundred thousand euros and would go away at a much higher figure, generating a huge capital gain.

The same goes for Rugani who joined Juventus for just five million euros.

The speeches for Lacazette and Jimenez are more complicated: both strikers are not for sale so to buy them Juve should present monstrous offers respectively to Arsenal and Wolves (source Marca ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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