Juventus transfer market, Dzeko is approaching but there is also a ‘plan b’: Giroud

Juventus transfer market, Edin Dzeko is approaching but there is also a 'plan b': Giroud.

Juventus transfer market, Dzeko's transfer to Turin should take place in the next few hours but the bianconeri have protected themselves with the 'plan b' Giroud.

In fact, anything can happen during the transfer market and Juve has no intention of showing up at the first of the championship with the match in hand.

Also because Pirlo has not asked for many players but expects a center forward who is suitable with his idea of ​​football.

A number 9 who knows how to make a department on his own but at the same time is able to create spaces for Cristiano Ronaldo.

The chosen one is Dzeko, there is little doubt about this now. The Bosnian is an extraordinary player because he is also skilled in the finishing position.

In short, he would be the ideal attacking partner for both Dybala and Cristiano Ronaldo. The deal with Roma would be in the pipeline because the bianconeri would have helped the Giallorossi to convince Milik.

In fact, Juve would have made it clear to the Napoli striker that there would be no room for him in Turin. Not only that, the bianconeri would have raised the offer for Dzeko bringing it to 15 million euros.

In this way, Roma would have more cash to close the Milik deal. If Dzeko were to jump, the cheap alternative would be Giroud.

In fact, five million euros would be enough to buy him from Chelsea. The Londoners would let him leave at this paltry figure because otherwise they would lose him on a free transfer in a few months (source La Gazzetta dello Sport) .

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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