Juventus, Sarri: “Whistles even if we are first? They are used to these parts … “

Juventus, Sarri: "Fischi anche se siamo primi? Sono abituati bene da queste parti..."

Juventus, Sarri is not surprised: “Whistles from the fans? They are used to these parts … "(photo Ansa)

TURIN – In the post-Juventus-Brescia match, a game won by the Bianconeri two to zero, Sarri was asked about the whistles of the fans before the Dybala goal which unlocked the match: “We are first in the league, in the semi-final of the Italian Cup and the Champions League round of 16. It is evident that the fans of the Stadium are well accustomed. They are used to winning and for this reason they blow their whistle when they see that the team is unable to establish itself. "

Juventus, Sarri: “Chiellini? Deserved return after months of sacrifices. "

“Today we did what we had to. We started well, then there were 10 'of impasse then unlocked the result and with the numerical advantage we made the ball turn well, we closed it, we took three poles, we played as needed ".

So the Juventus coach, Maurizio Sarri, after the victory over Brescia who also saw Chiellini return to the field.

“I found him close ready to return and he asked me 'how much is missing? Sarri joked. It was from yesterday that he said, 'in the last quarter of an hour, if we are 2-0, I want to play, I want to play'. That's right, after six months of sacrifices, he is now starting to feel better even if he is still very well. " (source ANSA).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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