Juventus-Rome streaming on Dazn, the spot with Pastore and Chiellini is hilarious! VIDEO

Juventus-Roma in streaming su Dazn, lo spot con Pastore e Chiellini è esilarante! VIDEO

Juventus-Rome streaming on Dazn, the spot with Pastore and Chiellini is hilarious! VIDEO

ROME – Juventus-Rome will be the sign-off game of the Christmas round scheduled for December 22, 2018. The match will be broadcast live streaming exclusive from Dazn at 20.30.

The streaming broadcaster wanted to publicize the match with a hilarious video featuring Javier Pastore della Roma and Giorgio Chiellini of Juventus in the Rocky Balboa version. Only that instead of Adriana, there is Adriano! The former player is the special guest of this spot that is already popular on social media.

Snai rewards Juve and Roma in the Champions League

Both Italian champions of the Champions League have been favored after the draw that this morning in Nyon has drawn the final sixteen, scheduled between February and March. The Snai analysts give a clear preference to Juventus, even if the opponent, Atletico Madrid currently second in Liga, is to be taken with the springs. The shift of the turn by the bianconeri is played at 1.40, the Spaniards are rather far away, at 2.75.

Less detectable is the situation concerning Rome, to which the opponent has happened on the most affordable card, the Port. The Giallorossi are ahead in the prediction Snai on the passage of the round, but the difference is really minimal, 1.80 against 1.90. As for the Champions League final victory, Snai sees the City in the lead (4.00), followed by Barcelona (5.50) and Juve (6.50). Rome is the 12th favorite, at 75.

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