Juventus, official: here is the technical staff of Andrea Pirlo. There is also Tudor

Juventus has formalized the technical staff of the new coach Andrea Pirlo. There is also the former Udinese coach Tudor .

Juventus has formalized the technical staff of the new coach Andrea Pirlo. Among the various names, those of Tudor and Baronio stand out, not only because they are two rather well-known former footballers but above all because they have already embarked on a career as a coach for several years.

Tudor has been training since 2013 after being Croatia's deputy. He has already coached important clubs such as Udinese, in Serie A, Galatasaray, in Turkey, and Hajduk Spalato. He returns to Juve as vice, a position he had not held for seven years.

Baronio does not have the same curriculum as Tudor because up to now he has only coached in the youth teams. Behind him important experiences with the Primavera teams of Brescia and Naples.

On social media we are talking about these choices by Pirlo. According to some, they would denote insecurity because perhaps Pirlo would not be quite sure of his skills as a coach and for this reason he would have surrounded himself with two technicians already made.

According to others, they denote humility and a desire to learn on the part of the new Juventus coach who is in his first experience as a coach. And it is certainly not starting from the back door but from the bench of the strongest club in Italy.

The staff of Mr. Pirlo.

Assistant Coach : Igor Tudor

Technical Collaborator : Roberto Baronio

Technical Collaborator: Antonio Gagliardi

Head of Prep. Athletics : Paolo Bertelli

Coll. Athletic Coach: Andrea Pertusio

Coll. Athletic Coach : Enrico Maffei

Resp. Forza & Sport Science : Duccio Ferrari Bravo

Coll. Sport Science : Antonio Gualtieri

Prep Goalkeepers : Claudio Filippi

Coll. Prep. Goalkeepers : Tommaso Orsini

Match Analysis Manager : Riccardo Scirea

Coll. Match Analysis : Domenico Vernamonte

Coll. Match Analysis : Giuseppe Maiuri.

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