Juventus-Milan, Mandzukic kicks Romagnoli from the ground: he was red and rigor

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Juventus-Milan, Mandzukic kicks Romagnoli from the ground. Fabbri does not expel it

ROME – Milan protested vehemently after losing to Juventus . Not only for the penalty not granted for the hands of Alex Sandro. The ds Leonardo spoke critically of an attitude on the part of the referee Fabbri. One of the most controversial cases is the one related to Mandzukic , who deserved to be deported but finished the competition regularly.

The Croatian striker first received a yellow card for a foul on Castillejo. Later he risked being expelled twice for ironic applause to the referee, with Fabbri deciding to let it go. Shortly after, however, the most striking case, namely the kick from the ground, after a contrast in Juventus's penalty air, against Romagnoli, a reaction foul that would have deserved at least the second yellow card and, by regulation, the penalty for the rossoneri ( here the videos of what happened).

The Juventus-Milan article , Mandzukic kicks Romagnoli from the ground: it was red and rigor seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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