Juventus-Lyon with Depay, the footballer is back to train

LYON (FRANCE) – Bad news for Juventus, Lyon star Memphis Depay has returned to training.

Depay is an extraordinary player with 139 career goals (110 with clubs and 29 with the Dutch national team jersey).

But there is not only bad news for the bianconeri … if Depay returns, Tousart leaves Lyon after the decisive goal of the first leg.

In fact Tousart, on January 27, 2020, was purchased by the Germans of Hertha Berlin for 25 million.

Then he remained on loan to Lyon where he will be until June 30 but from July 1 he will move permanently to Germany.

In fact, his experience at Lyon has already ended because the French football championship has been permanently suspended.

Furthermore, Tousart will not be able to play the Champions League return match against Juventus because Juventus will be played in late August.

When Lyon and Hertha Berlin entered into this deal, no one would have imagined a season ending in late August.

So in a normal, pre-coronavirus situation, Tousart would also have played the entire Champions League with Lyon.

So it did not go and Juventus can smile because the French will not have one of the strongest players in the squad.

Juventus-Lyon, the fury of Aulas: "We were the only idiots to stop".

Lyon, who won 1-0 in the first leg , will face Juventus who will have fourteen more legs.

For this reason, Aulas was the protagonist of a hard outburst during an interview with the team .

The declarations of Lyon 's number one are reported by corrieredellosport.it.

"Stopping Ligue 1 was a choice for real idiots," he told L'Equipe.

“It is paradoxical that a country like Spain, which has been more affected than France by the pandemic, has reflected and found answers.

UEFA had asked for patience.

He released us a health protocol that we haven't even looked at.

This is an absolute scandal! When we see that our leaders attended the federations' assembly, drawing different conclusions, we say that we were really idiots. "

"We will introduce ourselves with both feet tied and head severed to face the bianconeri – he underlined –

We out of breath and their legs ready since they will resume playing from the end of June ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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