Juventus-Lecce, Cristiano Ronaldo as Gagliardini: how many teases on social media

TURIN – Cristiano Ronaldo as Gagliardini , this is the summary of the first half of Juventus-Lecce. At least for the social people.

The first 45 minutes of the Stadium game were really boring. Even after the numerical inferiority of Lecce, for the expulsion of Lucioni, Juve has done very little.

The only exciting moment was the clumsy mistake of Cristiano Ronaldo with practically empty goal ( here the video ).

On the developments of a corner kick in favor of Juventus, Lecce fell asleep and left only Ronaldo a few cm from the door. Usually the Portuguese is a head sniper but this time he sent it in the curve.

Juventus-Lecce, Cristiano Ronaldo as Gagliardini: failed goals with practically empty goal.

A sensational mistake that is very reminiscent of that of Gagliardini of a few days ago during Inter-Sassuolo. Gagliardini also kicked a moving penalty by shooting the ball on the crossbar with the Sassuolo goalkeeper already on the ground.

But obviously Cristiano Ronaldo's mistake is causing more discussion because there are different categories of difference, at least from a technical point of view, between him and the Inter midfielder.

Ronaldo, who when he played with Real left everyone speechless with the goal reversed precisely at Juventus, tonight ate a goal that would also have marked an honest third-class center forward.

This is why on social media they are making fun of him in all ways. If your name is Cristiano Ronaldo you cannot miss such a scoring opportunity.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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