Juventus-Inter live on tv and in streaming on SportItalia: here’s what time

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Juventus-Inter, Sarri in the photo Ansa

NANCHINO – Antonio Conte against his past. The former Juventus coach has become an "enemy" in the eyes of many of his old fans after he decided to sign for the hated rivals of Inter. Conte has prepared the game in an already heavy climate despite we are only at the beginning of this preseason.

The technical management of the new Inter coach has just begun but Conte has already put out Rosa Icardi and Nainggolan and has already criticized his company for the slow pace on the transfer market (the Nerazzurri have not yet purchased a titular center forward. The negotiations for Lukaku and Dzeko are far from closing).

Juventus-Inter on SportItalia, both live TV and streaming: the details.

Returning to the game, which will be broadcast live on Sportitalia at 13.30 and live streaming on the Sportitalia website at the same time (this is the link to paste on your browsers https://www.sportitalia.com/it-int/ playerpage / 55309), is a great opportunity for both Inter and Juventus as the two clubs lost on the debut day of the International Champions Cup.

Both Inter and Juventus lost to English clubs. Inter lost 1-0 to Manchester United by Pogba and Lukaku (the Belgian striker remained on the bench throughout the match), while Juventus lost 3-2 against the vice European champions in charge of Tottenham.

Tottenham took the lead at the first lunge with former Roma striker Erik Lamela. Juve completed the comeback with goals scored by Gonzalo Higuain (the first goal of Sarri management) and Cristiano Ronaldo as usual.

Tottenham's counter-comeback was made possible by goals scored by Lucas Moura and Harry Kane. The striker from Tottenham and the English national team used a ball lost by Rabiot to mock Szczesny from midfield with one of the best goals of his career.

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