Juventus beat Cagliari (3-1) and return to +6 over Napoli and Inter: highlights and report cards

Juventus-Cagliari 3-1 highlights, pagelle e video gol (Ansa)

Juventus-Cagliari 3-1 highlights, report cards and goal video

TURIN, ALLIANZ STADIUM – Juventus-Cagliari 3-1, goal: Paulo Dybala 44 ", Joao Pedro 36 ', Bradaric own goal 38', Cuadrado 86 ' . Last Saturday's advance of the Italian Serie A football championship.

Juventus returns to +6, with 31 points collected in the first 11 days, a record for the Bianconeri. But at the 'manite' of Napoli and Inter, Allegri's team responded with a success (3-1) on Cagliari remained in the balance until the 88 'when Ronaldo, launched counterattack by Cuadrado, showed altruism and instead of trying the personal goal, he served the Colombian in the center area.

In the first action Juventus was saved with difficulty, thanks to the 'wall' of Benatia on Pavoletti, after an insistent action by the Sardinians in attack. Up until that point, Juve's success had been decided by Bradaric's most classic of the own goals, when Cagliari had just remedied. Merit of the rossoblù of Maran and guilt of a less brilliant Juve than usual in midfield, where he was equal to the Bentancur only, while Pjanic and Matuidi have disappointed. And with the change of the Bosnian (replaced by an outsider, Alex Sandro), in the middle of the second half, the set-up did not improve, making it feel the absence of Khedira, still on the bench, and Emre Can, convalescent.

Cagliari would have probably deserved to close the first half on par after having forced Juventus to adapt to his game and not only to suffer the Juventus initiative. And perhaps he would have done it without the unfortunate slip-on, 'to Niccolai', by Bradaric, three minutes after Joa Pedro's draw. The Sardinians, under the pressure of Barella and Castro, had not been depressed by the 1-0 signed by Dybala after just 45 ", an action in which he drank the whole defense with a change of direction and falling right on the first pole, with the net validated after the first of the three Var, all in the first 45 '.

Once the measures were taken to Douglas Costa and the source of his launches cut off by cutting the field, Cagliari only conceded another real ball-goal to the Bianconeri in the time, a fired-off Douglas Costa driven by Fists closed by Cragno, and has touched 1-1 with a turn of Pavoletti, stopped on the line of goal from Szczesny. Juventus defense asleep on the equalizer of Joao Pedro. The joy of Cagliari is a turn of the hand: the own goal of Bradaric has canceled the effort of the team of Maran. Then I work for the Var to decide between shoulder and hand in the touch of Benatia (17 '), as it would have happened at 39' for a Bradaric intervention.

In either case, the referee's decision did not change after the replay was viewed. A wood of CR7 was printed on the post (47 ') for the disappointment of the Portuguese, to which the bianconero public had given a standing ovation even before the whistle of the beginning, when he withdrew from the president Agnelli the celebrative shirt for the 400 goals scored between Premier League, Spanish Liga and Serie A.

Change of Allegri after the interval: out of Douglas Costa, who had died off after a good start, inside Cuadrado. Szczesny had to get (24 ') on a cross from Srna to anticipate Pavoletti.

Juve forward in the final, even if with a formation full of defenders – also in Barzagli for Matuidi. The Cagliari to look for a draw, only touched, was punished with a counterattack of Cuadradro-Ronaldo.

Juventus-Cagliari 3-1, report cards

Juventus-Cagliari 3-1 (2-1) Juventus (4-4-2): Szczesny 6, Cancelo 5, Bonucci 6, Benatia 6.5, De Sciglio 6, Douglas Costa 6 (1 'st Cuadrado 6), Bentancur 6.5, Pjanic 5.5 (25 'st Alex Sandro sv), Matuidi 5.5 (37' st Barzagli sv), Ronaldo 6.5, Dybala 6. (21 Pinsoglio, 22 Perin, 3 Chiellini, 6 Khedira, 18 Kean, 24 Rugani, 37 Spinazzola). All .: Allegri 6.

Cagliari (4-3-1-2): Cragno 6, Srna 5.5, Ceppitelli 6, Pisacane 5.5, Padoin 5.5 (35 'st Sau sv), Ionita 6 (22' st Faragò 6), Bradaric 4.5 (11 'st Cigarini 6), Barella 6.5, Castro 6, Joao Pedro 7, Pavoletti 6. (1 Rafael, 16 Aresti, 2 Pajac, 3 Andreolli, 4 Dessena, 9 Cerri, 56 Romagna). All .: Maran 6.

Referee: Mariani 6.5. Networks: in the pt 1 'Dybala, 36' Joao Pedro, 39 'Bradaric (author); in st 43 'Cuadrado. Angles: 5-4 for Juventus. Recovery: 4 'and 3'. Ammonites: Bradaric, Pisacane, Pavoletti, Matuidi for improper play. Var: 3. Spectators: 40.644, for a collection of € 2,644,184.00.

** I GOL ** – 1 'st: Cancelo intercepts a defensive relaunch of Cagliari in midfield, serves Bentancur who launches deep into Dybala. The Argentine focuses, changes direction and sends Pisacane and Ceppitelli out of time, he arrives a few steps from Cragno and crosses it with a precise right in the corner.

– 36 'pt: free kick from the right side of Srna deflected from the head by De Sciglio: the ball arrives in the left corner of the small area between the feet of Joao Pedro, which bypasses Cancelo and exceeds Szczesny of right.

– 39 'pt: low cross and tense Douglas Costa from the left in the area, Bradaric is alone but in an attempt to anticipate the Juventus strikers sends the ball into his door in the slip, mocking even the goalkeeper Cragno.

– 37 'st: lost ball on the attack three quarter from Srna, Cuadrado launches Ronaldo on the right and follows the action, the Portuguese approaches the area, returns the ball to the Colombian who only in front of Cragno is not wrong.

Juventus-Cagliari 3-1, the highlights

90 'final whistle, Juventus won 3-1 against Cagliari and consolidated its leadership in the standings to +6 on Naples and Inter.

86 'Juventus third goal. Cuadrado finalizes the bianconero counterattack and closes the game.

82 'Cristiano Ronaldo close to the goal. Conclusion powerful from two steps, Cragno avoids the net with a great save and deflects the ball in a corner.

70 'Allegri removes an exhausted Miralem Pjanic and enters Alex Sandro to give more vitality to the team.

64 'Srna's tense cross, Szczesny is very good at going out with timing and to anticipate Leonardo Pavoletti who was lurking in search of the goal.

45 'End of the first half, Juventus is ahead of Cagliari for 2-1. Dybala's goal, Joao Pedro's equalizer and Bradaric's own goalkeeper.

44 'Juventus claim the penalty for a touch from Bradaric in their penalty area. The bianconeri have protested for the touch of the hand of the footballer of Cagliari but according to the referee the touch happened with the shoulder.

38 'Cagliari's own goal. Cross held by Douglas Costa and a decisive deflection from Bradaric who put his goalkeeper on the near post.

36 'Draw of Cagliari. Srna cross for Joao Pedro. The Cagliari forward is focused and beats Szczesny with an unstoppable shot.

17 'Ionita's cross, touch with Benatia's hand. The referee consults the var but does not consider the voluntary touch and does not assign the penalty to Cagliari.

44 "- Juventus goals after just 44 seconds. Bentancur has served Dybala, the Juventus striker has fought the conclusion with his left and brought the ball to the right and beat Cagliari's goalkeeper with an unparalleled low shot.

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