Juventus, Allegri moved at a press conference: “Goodbye? The company made its choices “

Allegri moved at a press conference: "Goodbye? The company made its choices"

Allegri moved to a press conference: "Goodbye? The company made its choices "

ROME – "I will not answer any questions about the coach for next season. Today I am here personally to celebrate Max Allegri, a coach who has written the history of Juventus on his own. Until today there was talk of Juventus from the five years and the 30s, he won five titles alone ". These are the first words of Andrea Agnelli in the press conference organized to bid farewell to Massimiliano Allegri. Next to him is the Juventus coach. The whole team is in front of you.

"I remember – continues Andrea Agnelli – when in May 2013 we were going to see the Champions League final between Bayern and Dortmund, Allegri was in the same hotel and I told Paratici that he could become Juve's coach. We waited 14 months, then came to Juventus amid general disputes. He showed great courage and attributes. The numbers speak for him of victories and titles won. Incredible numbers, for me they have been five wonderful years between affection, esteem, friendship, sharing, work, hard work and many many victories. We have also lived as neighbors for a year and a half, then very pleasant dinners for sharing Juventus and life ”.

"What has changed? Beyond the written conspiracies – replies Andrea Agnelli – a month of analysis and reflections have passed which led to understand that the cycle had arrived at its natural conclusion. There was no fact that led to this decision, we all decided to end this cycle with success. Needless to drag forward ".

Allegri, when he speaks, is visibly moved. When he thanks his players he also takes time to hold back the tears: “I thank the president and the boys for what they did and gave me, those this year and all the others. We have taken away a lot of satisfactions, I leave a winning team that has the potential to repeat itself in Italy and make a great Champions. This year, unfortunately, we failed to get to the bottom of Europe. We discussed and expressed my opinion on the good of Juventus for the future, the company made its own considerations and made its own choices. This changes nothing, relations with society are and remain excellent ".

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