Juve kills championship, beats Inter and flies to +11 over Napoli

Juventus-Inter 1-0, gol di Mandzukic su assist di Cancelo

The exultation of Mandzukic after the victory goal at Inter

TURIN – Juventus-Inter 1-0, goal: Mario Mandzukic 65 ' . Friday's advance of the Italian Serie A football championship.

Juventus greed (14 wins out of 15) extinguishes the ambitions of Inter, beaten by the eighth season goal of Mandzukic and sidereal sidereal distance, -14, by the bianconeri that stretch to +11 the advantage on the pursuer Naples (which between a few hours deals with Frosinone).

Yet another success Juventus arrives in an evening of a Cristiano Ronaldo 'normal', more gregarious than the primactor and without ever a flash of his genius, less than ever on the free kick, pulled on the shins of the barrier. Another test of blackness solidity, with a monumental Chiellini, a sturdy garrison in the midfield of Bentancur and Matuidi, the class of Cancelo. Inter, however, can bite their hands for not having been able to hit on the mistakes (few) of the Bianconeri: the pole of Gagliardini, in the first half, and the little timing of Politano, at the start of recovery, are two regrets for Spalletti.

Juve with 4-3-3 'fake', the 4-3-chaos pride of Allegri, Dybala 'all-camper' and Ronaldo always between the opposing lines to disorient; Inter with Gagliardini in midfield together with Joao Mario and Brozovic, Politano and Perisic to sink on the wings and create actions for Icardi. Juventus strong, three shots in the first 10 ', dangerous twice with Dybala: head shot on Ronaldo's cross and left corner shot with the fingertips from Handanovic. Soon Bonucci, Inter pushes towards the Juventus area only with a shot of twenty meters, without too many claims, of Gagliardini.

More beautiful a restart: perfect cross Perisic and punctual advance of Chiellini, to anticipate Icardi in the center area, the teams then check not to be discovered, each piece cancels the opponent's move until the double blaze Nerazzurri: Politano breaks on the right , Icardi bank for Gagliardini who angola a couple of inches too: full pole to the left of Szczesny. The next action is finished less well, but the backward touch from the bottom of Skriniar could hurt the bianconeri defense taken twice as a strand.

Juventus regains control and turns in turn: zuccata Mandzukic, parade by Handanovic, then, in quick succession, Brozovic saves on the line to Bentancur, Handanovic para Chiellini (36 ') that a couple of minutes after trial still to strike head 38 'From a mistake in defense of Matuidi (4' st) Inter has a gift that returns: Politano is made to anticipate by Bonucci; almost to compensate, from a lightness of Miranda Juventus builds the first dangerous action of the second half but the left of Dybala is a ciabattata.

Before the fifteen minutes Spalletti removes a striker, Politano and puts an extra midfielder, Borja Valero. The change is especially good for Juventus that advances the range of action and marks the goal-opartita cross from the bottom of Cancelo, winning dip of Mandzukic who 'burns' the former bianconero Asamoah (21'). Spalletti tries to adjust with Keita in place of Gagliardini and Lautaro for Joao Mario but Chiellini is everywhere and manages to mend every last tear. The Sant'Ambrogio festival is his, not the Milanese Inter.

The highlights of the match

90 'final whistle, Juventus won 1-0 against Inter, thanks to Mandzukic's goal, and flew to +11 on Napoli second in the standings and +14 on Inter third of the class.

65 ' Juventus goal . Cross by Cancelo from the left and perfect break by Mario Mandzukic.

46 'Juventus and Inter still stopped on zero at the end of the first half.

45 'Free kick by Politano from the right. Parade with Szczesny's fists in corner.

28 'Inter pole! Politano serves Icardi as a bank for Gagliardini. The Inter midfielder is presented in front of Szczesny but hits the post.

21 'Cristiano Ronaldo exalts the Stadium with a great dribbling against Skriniar

8 'Great dribbling of Cancelo against the former Asamoah

7 'First ring of Juventus. Cristiano Ronaldo crosses and Dybala's header goes off.

3 'The first scoring opportunity was created by Inter. Icardi served an assist for Joao Mario who kicked a sure shot but Juventus's defense deflected for a corner.

The report cards of the match

Juventus-Inter 1-0 (0-0). Juventus (4-3-3): Szczesny 6.5, De Sciglio 6, Bonucci 6.5, Chiellini 8, Cancelo 7, Bentancur 6.5, Pjanic 5.5 (37 'st Emre Can sv), Matuidi 6.5, Dybala 5.5 (27' st Douglas Costa 6), Mandzukic 7, Ronaldo 6 (22 Perin, 21 Pinsoglio, 4 Benatia, 16 Cuadrado, 24 Rugani, 33 Bernardeschi, 37 Spinazzola). All .: Allegri 6.5

Inter (4-3-3): Handanovic 6.5, Vrsaljko 6, Skriniar 6.5, Miranda 6.5, Asamoah 5, Gagliardini 6 (25 'st Keita 5.5), Brozovic 6.5, Joao Mario 6.5 (32' st Martinez 5.5), Politano 6 (13 'St Borja Valero 5.5), Icardi 5.5, Perisic 5.5 (27 Padelli, 6 De Vrij, 8 Vecino, 13 Ranocchia, 33 D'Ambrosio, 87 Candreva). All .: Spalletti 5.5.

Referee: Irrates 7. Networks: in st 21 'Mandzukic. Angles: 10 to 8 for Juventus. Recovery: 1 'and 4'. Ammonites: Pjanic, Bentancur, Perisic, Brozovic for improper play. Var: 0. Spectators: 41.495 (Present: 11.838 Subscribers: 27.558 Guests: 2.099). Cash out € 3.163.509,00.

** The GOL ** – 21 'st: long throw on the left wing for Cancelo, who manages to get to the back, focuses and serves Mandzukic on the second post, which anticipates Asamoah and leads Handanovic.

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