Inter-Turin, Handanovic’s sensational duck and Belotti’s goal

Inter-Torino has been unlocked by a sensational duck by Samir Handanovic . Belotti scored with an empty goal in cooperation with the Nerazzurri goalkeeper.

The number 17 brought bad luck to Inter but also luck to Turin. In fact, at 17 ', Handanovic did not hold back a rather slow cross giving Belotti an' assist 'with an empty goal ( here the video ).

Due to Handanovic, Torino took the lead, in an unexpected way, in the 'monday match' of the Italian Serie A football championship.

Before the game, on Sky Sport's microphones, Marotta confirmed Conte on the Inter bench.

“I believe there are absolutely no changes, Conte is part of the Company, there is great satisfaction. Of course, he is an ambitious coach who wants to win, as does the club.

But we must not forget that it is the first year that trains this team, while there are teams that precede us who have had a coach for a few years.

So it is normal that after the unsuccessful games he lets himself go to externalizations that are part of his communication dynamics.

I fully agree, when you score 3 minutes from the end you can certainly not complain, but above all you can only complain about some mistakes made.

It is normal for ambitions to be there and alongside ambitions there are also recriminations when the goal is not achieved ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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