Inter transfer market: not only Eriksen, that’s who comes in place of Vecino …

Calciomercato Inter: non solo Eriksen, ecco chi arriva al posto di Vecino...

Inter transfer market, the Nerazzurri want to get to Kucka for the post-Vecino match. In the photo Ansa, his game contrast with Alessandro Florenzi during an old Roma-Milan game

MILAN – Inter big protagonist of the January transfer market. Nerazzurri CEO Beppe Marotta is doing everything he can to satisfy his coach Antonio Conte's demands. To buy, there is a need to sell so the Nerazzurri are trying to place Vecino at Everton by Carlo Ancelotti and then throw themselves headlong on Kucka from Parma.

In short, the Nerazzurri market certainly does not close with Eriksen, in the next few hours a midfielder should also arrive, Kucka, and a center forward, are on the ballot Giroud and Llorente. Only with these two purchases, Marotta will have "processed" all the orders of his coach Antonio Conte.

Inter transfer market: to take Kucka, you need to sell Vecino.

Inter are developing the transfer market strategy to get to Juraj Kucka. Parma asked for money in exchange for Radu, Inter's goalkeeper who is leaving Genoa after Perin's arrival from Juventus.

The Nerazzurri will satisfy Parma's transfer market requests to get to Kucka but first they need to collect the money from the sale of Vecino to Everton. Alternatively, they could perfect the Kucka deal thanks to the money collected from the sale of another footballer, namely Gabigol. All obviously before the end of the January transfer market.

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