Inter transfer market, Dzeko speaks to Lukaku’s ears: fans unleashed on social media

A clue to the transfer market in the Roma-Inter final, Dzeko approached Lukaku to whisper something in his ear. This gesture sparked the imagination of fans on social networks.

Dzeko has long been in the sights of Inter's transfer market. This agreement with Lukaku could be another sign of his possible transfer to the Nerazzurri.

Here the video with Dzeko speaking in Lukaku's ear.

According to Inter fans, Dzeko would have told Lukaku that they will play together next season. Obviously there is no 'evidence' on this dialogue because the Bosnian center forward has covered his lip.

One thing is certain, Dzeko is at the top of Antonio Conte's transfer market list. He wants it since last summer and now he has deserved this purchase on the pitch since he brought the nerazzurri to -5 from Juventus, in the middle of the Scudetto race.

Conte wants Dzeko because he considers him an offensive reference point and according to him he would be perfect paired with Lukaku.

Apparently, it might seem senseless to play in attack with two center-forward of this physical size but it is not so.

In fact, Dzeko does very well next to another center forward. We have many examples during his prestigious career. At Wolfsburg, he scored and scored avalanches of goals against his attacking partner Graphite.

The same happened in England and partly in Rome. In the Premier League, Dzeko played very well both in partnership with Aguero and with Balotelli (two true center forward).

At Rome, he had no problems coexisting with Francesco Totti who in the last years of his career was a real number nine. And anyway Dzeko did very well also in couple with Salah and El Shaarawy.

In short, Conte wants to raise the bar to make Inter the real favorite for the championship and in this sense Dzeko would be the perfect purchase for him.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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