Inter-Sassuolo, the children take San Siro with the slogan “BUU” anti racism

Inter-Sassuolo, i bambini si prendono San Siro con lo slogan "BUU" anti razzismo

Inter-Sassuolo, the children take San Siro with the slogan "BUU" anti racism

MILAN – At San Siro there is a sweet invasion: the charge of over ten thousand children who remind everyone how o sport and football are made of values, not of racism and violence. They will sit in the stands to cheer clean and make their choruses feel innocent and tender. The Inter turns page and does so with great firmness and effectiveness. The anti-racism campaign launched by the Nerazzurri company will be the setting for the match between Inter and Sassuolo.

The slogan "BUU" , which is not the howling against the black players but the acronym of "Brothers Universaly United" ("Brothers universally united"), appears almost everywhere in San Siro and will be protagonist with a choreography at the first orange ring in which the claim is read in different graphic and chromatic variations.

Not only that, because "BUU" will also be visible in the field, with Inter and Sassuolo who will wear a special patch on the uniform. On the terraces, however, the protagonists will be about 11,500 children and young people. An "invasion" of young people, coming mainly from the Milanese schools, as well as from the Calcio Inter Schools, the CSI and the 'Io Tifo Positivo', 'Fourth category' and 'Rete!' Projects.

And there are also those who, like the Sabin Comprehensive Institute of Segrate, will bring to the Meazza as many as 245 students of 27 different classes. A clear choice, that of the Nerazzurri company, after the events of Inter-Napoli. "We want to send a positive message of respect and we want to start from the children", said the managing director of the Nerazzurri Alessandro Antonello.

"We hope it will be an evening of joy. The joy that children transmit is so great, it is a positive and genuine support that we always want. We believe in this support and we want to thank all the clubs who have re-launched our message ".

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