Inter-Roma, Kolarov lays down Lautaro but is not a penalty because first there is Borja’s foul on El Shaarawy

Inter-Roma, la moviola: Kolarov stende Lautaro ma non è rigore perché prima c'è fallo di Borja su El Shaarawy

Inter-Roma, the slow motion: Kolarov lays down Lautaro but is not a penalty because first there is a foul by Borja on El Shaarawy (from the Twitter page @erroriarbitrali)

MILAN – Inter-Roma was a correct match characterized only by a big slow-moving episode where the referee was saved by his assistants. The lead referee had awarded a penalty to Inter because he had seen Kolarov spread out Lautaro Martinez in the Giallorossi area but had missed an important piece of the puzzle. The ball arrives at Lautaro Martinez because Borja Valero pushes Stephan El Shaarawy. The Spanish intervention is flawed and therefore interrupts the action. There is no rigor for Inter because Kolarov's foul on Lautaro Martinez occurred after the previous one by Borja Valero on Stephan El Shaarawy.

Inter-Roma 1-1, Spalletti accepts the draw: "The result is right".

"The result is right, we have left spaces, we have not been good at attacking and staying in order. The defensive phase is a problem and therefore the result is fine. We went down, orchestrated the giropalla and in one on one El Shaarawy was very good.
In the second half we were patient and even more orderly.
We have been attentive even closing the spaces for their restarts ”.

So Luciano Spalletti, speaking to Sky Sport after the draw between Inter and Roma . "Roma played a good game, we could have done more, we missed several balls, it was not from Inter. The result is precious, "he added.

Inter-Roma, Borja Valero: "We still have to fight for the Champions League".

The 6-point lead over Roma fifth in the standings is a nice nest egg to manage for Inter, but nothing is decided yet in the Champions League race. Borja Valero reiterates this with Sky Sport's microphones after the San Siro 1-1: "There is still a lot to fight, there are still important games, but it is always better to stay in front and try to manage this distance. We, however, will always try to win ".

The Spanish midfielder emphasizes the cohesion of the group, despite the stadium being split between insults and applause for Icardi, disliked by the North Bend, but a favorite of the rest of the fans: “The locker room has always been very united and we have shown it today. We all want this Champions League, we hope to make it ".
Source: Ansa.

The Inter-Roma article , Kolarov lays down Lautaro but is not a penalty because before there is a foul by Borja on El Shaarawy it seems to be the first on Blitz daily .

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