Inter fans furious with Cuadrado: “You broke us Alexis Sanchez”

Inter tifosi Cuadrado Sanchez ce lo hai rotto siamo furiosi

Inter, the fans attack Cuadrado for this foul on Sanchez

MILAN – The National team's matches brought bad news to Inter, as two Nerazzurri players, Alexis Sanchez and Danilo D'Ambrosio, had recovered fairly serious injuries. Danilo D'Ambrosio remedied a fracture of the proximal phalanx of the fourth toe of the right foot while Alexis Sanchez remedied a dislocation of the peroneal tendons of the left ankle with involvement of the flexor retinaculum.

In the case of D'Ambrosio, the Inter fans could do nothing but take it out on bad luck. The case of Sanchez is different. On social networks, Inter fans started to shoot at Cuadrado of Juventus, taking a cue from a foul committed by the Colombian on the Chilean during the match played in Spain between Chile and Colombia ended on the score of zero to zero. In the same race, Zapata was injured by Atalanta.

"Alexis Sanchez took a bad blow to the ankle, and if he had surgery, we would lose him for two or three months." Thus the coach of the national team of Chile, Reinaldo Rueda, quoted by the Chilean newspaper 'La Tercera', after the injury of the interist Alexis Sanchez in the friendly against Colombia.

The Nerazzurri reported, according to the coach, after consulting with the doctors, "an injury to the peroneal tendon of the left ankle". "At this point it will be up to Inter to decide what to do," Rueda said. It's a shame, Alexis was returning to play in his club, scored twice and played in the Champions League. Now we just have to wait and see how the situation will evolve ".

Radiographic examinations for Danilo D'Ambrosio in the morning, following the problem that occurred during the Euro2020 qualifying match between Italy and Greece played in Rome. For the Nerazzurri defender, fracture of the proximal phalanx of the fourth toe of the right foot. D'Ambrosio's conditions will be evaluated next week (sources Ansa and the Inter website).

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