Inter, Eriksen: “The quarantine was tough, the police also stopped me”

MILAN – The Danish footballer Eriksen , who arrived at Inter during the winter market, spoke of his coronavirus quarantine to the Danish newspaper JyllandsPosten .

The statements issued by the Nerazzurri midfielder are reported by

The Dane began his story by talking about that time when he was stopped by the police.

“I was once arrested by law enforcement in Milan . I tried to explain in my bad Italian what I was going to do, showing the documents. Training is difficult and very different. "

Then Eriksen talked about his home workouts during the coronavirus quarantine.

“I run to the cellar, where there are about 70 meters between one end and the other, in the middle there is a curve. I haven't touched the ball in seven weeks, it's the longest break without football in my life. I miss".

Finally, the former Tottenham midfielder has revealed the reasons that led him to sign with Inter during the last transfer window.

There were many clubs on the Danish team but in the end the Nerazzurri came out on top.

“It seemed the right thing to me. There were many teams that wanted to take me and it is very important to me to see how much a club wants me. Then here I have more chances to win than the Spurs. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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