Inter, capital gains from record: Help at 40 with Pinamonti, Vanheusden, Sala and others

Inter, plusvalenze da record: Ausilio a quota 40 con Pinamonti, Vanheusden, Sala e altri

Inter, capital gains from record: Help at 40 with Pinamonti, Vanheusden, Sala and others. Photos ANSA / MATTEO BAZZI

MILAN – Like last year, Inter saves itself again this year thanks to record capital gains. Ausilio confirms himself as a master in selling the best youngsters of the Nerazzurri youth sector.

As La Gazzetta dello Sport writes with Valerio Clari, Inter had to return 40 million euros this year to be in compliance with the stakes set by the Financial Fair Play. For this reason, Ausilio had to give up certain soccer players like Pinamonti, Vanheusden and Sala.

Andrea Pinamonti was bought by Genoa for a good 18 million euros. The star of the last Under-20 World Cup, he has already passed his medical examinations and is ready to make the fortunes of the rossoblùs. In Genoa they have great faith in him and consider him the heir of Piatek.

Marco Sala, Andrea Adorante and Vanheusden were sold and earned several million euros for Inter. Vanheusden was purchased by Standard Liegi for twelve million euros, Marco Sala was bought by the Sassuolo for five million euros (he entered the deal that marked the passage of Sensi into the Nerazzurri) and Andrea Adorante was purchased by Parma for five million euros.

As La Gazzetta dello Sport writes, the money physically will not change hands, but the budget counts. So we are at 40: those who are missing will come from defender Rizzo (2.5) to Genoa, perhaps from midfielder Gavioli (likewise, always in rossoblù), finally from Burgio (Atalanta) and Merola (Bologna). These 4 are all Spring, in a re-edition of what happened 12 months ago.

Of course, this way of doing also involves risks. It may happen that the young man who was yours, see Zaniolo, may explode elsewhere. Now Nicolò is worth almost seventy million euros and Inter lost it to buy a footballer, Nainggolan, who is now already on sale. Not all that glitters is gold, but financial fair play must be respected at all costs.

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