Inter-Bologna, Soriano sent off for a “poor six” to the referee Pairetto

The Bologna midfielder Soriano was sent off by the referee Pairetto for an insult after a foul called in favor of Inter Milan. It was the whistle that motivated his decision: "He told me that I was scarce".

Bologna conquered San Siro in numerical inferiority for the expulsion of Roberto Soriano . From 56 'in fact, under a goal, Bologna played in ten men after the red to the midfielder guilty of insulting the referee Pairetto with an epithet deemed offensive by the referee.

"You are scarce" would have said the former player of Torino and Sampdoria to the address of the whistle who thus decided to send him early in the shower.

The same Pairetto then motivated the other players in the field of the reason for the direct expulsion: " He told me that I am scarce ".

Bigon, ds of Bologna, tried to defend his player by addressing the referee in an almost confidential tone: “Come on Luca! A word that ran away on the pitch, you can't do such a thing! Come on, a word that escapes you in the game. "

However, Pairetto did not return to his decision: "He told me in the face".

An expulsion that however did not affect the match of Bologna which overturned the score up to that point until then stuck on the 1-0 thanks to the goal of Lukaku, thanks to goals by Juwara and Barrow. (source GAZZETTA DELLO SPORT, YOUTUBE )

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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