Indigent Var, female Cameroon threatens to leave the field against England

Var indigesta, Camerun femminile minaccia di lasciare il campo contro Inghilterra

Indigent Var, female Cameroon threatens to leave the field against England. Photo EPA / TOLGA BOZOGLU

VALENCIENNES – England qualified for the quarter-finals of the women's World Cup by beating Cameroon 3-0 in the round of 16 match played today in Valenciennes. Houghton nets at 14 ′ pt, White at 49 ′ pt and Greenwood at 13 ′ st. In the quarterfinals the English girls will face Norway in Le Havre next Thursday, which yesterday eliminated (on penalties) Australia.

The match between the 8 / i World Cup final between England and Cameroon threatened to end earlier than expected. In fact, African players twice threatened to leave the field in protest against the decisions made by the Chinese arbitrator Qin Liang after consulting the Var.

England advantage with Houghton, then doubling at the end of the first half with White and it's chaos. The network, canceled for offside, is subsequently validated after consultation with Var: the Cameroon players are not there and they refuse to resume the game.

The reason for the protest is the flag raised by the linesman, who allegedly misled the Cameroonians without fighting the British.
From here the protest with a knot in the middle of the field, while the referee ordered to resume playing, which happened after more than 6 'of stop.

Again chaos at the beginning of the second half: Nchout marks the goal that would reopen the match, but the Var again intervenes against Cameroon: the players threaten to leave the field.

Italy-China, Cernoia believes: "We will do something great".

"I felt inside that we could do something important. This Italy still has a lot to prove, we can surprise all those who follow us from home and above all ourselves. Perhaps no one expected us to make this great course in the World Cup and we still want to take away great satisfaction ”.

Valentina Cernoia loads the women's national team in view of the challenge against China which is worth the changeover to the 2019 French quarter. The painless defeat with Brazil has not altered the enthusiasm of the group.

"He has not touched us at all because there is an awareness of having made a great performance against a very strong team – said the midfielder, who just turned 28 -. With China we will have to exploit the inspiration and imagination in our play and manage the ball. They have choral play and suffocating pressing, we will have to be good at stinging at the right time, finding the game to unlock the game "(source Ansa).

The video from YouTube with the refereeing episodes that sent female Cameroon players on a rampage.

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