Icardi-Juventus, yes but how? Tick ​​off exchange with Kean …

Icardi-Juventus, sì ma come? Spunta scambio con Kean...

Icardi in one of the many moments of play with the Inter shirt. Photo

TURIN – We are looking for the right formula for the transfer of Mauro Icardi from Inter to Juventus. The negotiation is very complicated due to several factors: Juve is the only team interested in Icardi, the two clubs are historical enemies and the situation has even worsened after the arrival of Marotta in the Nerazzurri, the two clubs give a different rating to the card of Icardi.

For some time, the two companies have been working on the exchange formula. The one with Dybala has gone down in the bud because Sarri would like to evaluate it in the first person before letting it go away, while now the one between the Argentine and Moise Kean would be taking altitude.

According to Sport Mediaset, citing Fcinternews.it, the Bianconeri would already have a rough agreement with the player from 8 million net per season plus bonuses up to 2024 and, after the "pact of Ibiza" between Paratici and Wanda Nara, they wait only the right time to place the final lunge.

The idea of ​​Juve would be to propose an exchange on an equal footing between the Argentine and the Azzurri, but Inter has different plans and would also aim to monetize, asking for at least an additional cash adjustment of at least 20 million. The parts are still far away but not like in the case of the exchange between Icardi and Dybala that never really took off.

Meanwhile, Napoli has taken off from the race for the Argentine with these statements issued by the local patron De Laurentiis : "Meeting between me and Wanda Nara? It's a colossal nonsense, Wanda Nara I met her three years ago and I have no intention of meeting her again. Icardi is not part of our current needs, I asked him three years ago when we needed it and Sarri was good at inventing Mertens first point ".

"You can't ignore his talent, he talked so much about it that he looks older than 26 years old. Seen from the outside it seems to have been badly managed, it has not grasped the importance of the role it plays. Icardi is very strong, the consideration towards him is indisputable but he will always want to go to Juventus. And anyway, as Ancelotti said, I keep myself famous ”(sources Sport Mediaset eFcinternews.it).

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