Iachini and others, disqualification for blasphemy. But not even in the field can you?

Giuseppe Iachini (photo Ansa)

Giuseppe Iachini (photo Ansa)

ROME – The sports judge has disqualified for a day the Empoli coach Giuseppe Iachini for having cursed in the field. "To have, – explains the note – at the 45th of the second half of the match with Udinese expressed a blasphemous expression during a substitution: infringement detected by the official fourth".

But is it right to disqualify a coach or player for a curse? Right or not in Italy there are many cases. Mimmo Di Carlo , the new coach of Chievo, can already "boast" three disqualifications for blasphemies. Blasphemies pronounced during Chievo-Cagliari on 28 February 2010 and during two other matches: Trapani-Spezia and Entella-Spezia of Serie B. Among the disqualified coaches we also mention Serse Cosmi, Rolando Maran and Moreno Longo.

In 2010 Lanzafame was the first player expelled for blasphemy. The same fate also happened to Siligardi and Gastaldello. Kuloc del Como was even disqualified for having cursed at the end of the game. Up to the Mandragora case, disqualified for a blasphemy during a match between Udinese and Sampdoria and "relegated" by Roberto Mancini from National A to Under 21.

And then there's the record game . In Trentino, in a second-class game, five players from the same team (Ozolo Maddalene) were expelled for blasphemies. So much so that the referee was forced to suspend the game after seventy minutes. In another third-category match, Villa d'Ogna-Bergamo Longuelo, in 2010 there were three expelled in fifteen minutes.

Then there are the excellent pardons like Buffon reprized several times (and on YouTube the videos depopulate) to curse during the games. But is it right or not to disqualify for blasphemies? Not everyone agrees.

As Fabrizio Bocca di Repubblica: "You can not be disqualified for a blasphemy said to himself after a goal taken. It's absurd, ridiculous and above all it's not fair (…) Regulatory bigotry and Orwellian TV are a degeneration, they are not in the spirit of football and sport. It is an intrusion beyond the limits of common sense, a concession to the pruderie of the living room audience ". Perhaps in Italy, and not in Iran and in 2018, and not in the Middle Ages, one can also be more permissive for some blasphemy of too much pronounced during a football match.

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